John O'Groats

John O'Groats is famous for being the most north easterly point of the UK mainland, and the conclusion of journeys which travellers make from the most south westerly tip of the UK mainland, in Lands End, Cornwall.

John O'Groats is located in Caithness, Scotland.

In terms of latitude, John O'Groats is 58 degrees north of the equator and parallel with parts of Alaska, Norway and Sweden.

The village of John O'Groats is named after Jan De Groot, a Dutchman who began a ferry service from here to Orkney around the late fifteenth century.

The famous John O'Groats sign is next to the former John O'Groats Hotel (now Natural Retreats) in front of the harbour - and enjoys a regular stream of visitors for a photograph.

Visitors can take a ferry from the harbour to view the island of Stroma and Duncansby Stacks - or continue their journey to the Orkney islands by sea.