How to get to Ness Islands, Inverness

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Ness Islands is a natural park located in the heart of Inverness city centre, on the River Ness.

If you have time to spare in Inverness city centre, this is ideal for a relaxing stroll for an hour or two. The islands are also illuminated in the evening.

The walk to Ness Islands is around 25-30 minutes. A cycle is around 10 minutes. 

You can approach Ness Islands from the west or east bank of the river. We recommend the east bank which follows the long distance walking route, the Great Glen Way.

1. Follow the River Ness south down Bank Street. You'll walk past Ness Bridge and onto Castle Road.

2. Continue walking south down Castle Road and you'll see Inverness Castle on your left hand side.

3. Eventually, you'll reach a fork in the road. Follow the right hand path down Ness bank and along the Great Glen Way.

4. Follow the Great Glen Way south until you see a bridge over the River Ness, leading to Ness Islands.