How to get to Camster Cairns and where to park

View the complete car journey to the Grey Cairns of Camster at sunset, approaching from the A882 near Watten in Caithness, North Scotland.

The approach to Camster Cairns
There are two main ways to approach The Grey Cairns of Camster in Caithness, North Scotland: from the north, coming from Watten, Caithness and from the south, coming from the A99 near Lybster.

Here is a full drive from Watten: you pass by the Camster wind farms and also the forest at Camster. There are often sheep grazing at the roadside.

The road
The road is mainly single track therefore it is useful to understand the etiquette in relation to this and the use of passing places.

Parking at Camster Cairns
Once you arrive at Camster Cairns, roadside parking is free and there is space for around 3-4 vehicles.

Further resources
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