Fresh smoked kippers in butter

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To make this dish, melt a slab of butter (approximately 50g), and add a small handful of chopped parley, juice of half of lemon and the grated rind of a quarter of a lemon. Adjust the measurements to suit your tastes.

Put aluminium foil on a tray and heat your grill. Places two smoked kipper fillets on the tray (skin-side down), brush with olive oil and grill until brown and spitting. Usually ready in 4-8 minutes.

Pour over the melted butter and serve, ideally with brown toast.

These kippers and Shetland butter were purchased fresh from the fishmongers, A Mackay & Son in Thurso, Caithness.

The fishmongers is located at the harbour, around 10 minutes' walk from Thurso town centre.
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