Drive from Scrabster to Gills Bay via Thurso

Here is a complete car journey from Scrabster to Gills Bay in Caithness, North Scotland, heading east on a sunny day along the A9 and A836 and roads.

North Coast 500
This journey shows a section of the North Coast 500, a 500-mile road trip around the north coast of the Highlands. 

Ferry to Orkney
For Orkney, this trip also features two harbours with ferries headed for Orkney: Scrabster (to Stromness) and Gills Bay (to St Margaret’s Hope). John O’Groats (a further 3.2 miles along the A836) also has a ferry to Burwick.

The total drive takes just over 30 minutes. This video is accelerated and plays at four times the normal speed.

Journey highlights (with time stamps)
00:00 A9, Scrabster, Caithness

00:47 Left turn for Thurso, Wick and inverness; right turn for Forss House Hotel, Tongue and Durness

00:55 Thurso, Caithness

00:59 Left turn for Thurso Camping Site and the Blue Door Diner and Cafe

01:37 Left turn for Dunnet, Gills Bay, Castle of Mey and John O’Groats; straight on for Wick and Dunrobin Castle and Inverness

01:39 A836, Thurso, Caithness

02:32 Murkle, Caithness

03:26 Left turn for Castlehill Heritage Centre and the Flagstone Trail

03:37 Right turn for Wick and Inverness

03:49 Left turn for Castlehill Heritage Centre

04:25 Right turn for Dunnet Forest Walks

04:34 Left turn for Dunnet Bay and Dunnet Bay Camping Site

04:38 Dunnet

04:45 Left turn for Northern Sands Hotel and Dunnet Bay Distillery

04:48 Left turn for Dunnet Head

05:27 Right turn for Barrock and Caithness Smokehouse

06:09 Mey, Caithness

06:23 Left turn for Castle and Gardens of Mey

06:40 East Mey, Caithness

07:33 Right turn for Gills Bay; straight on for John O’Groats

07:45 Gills Bay Ferry Terminal

Further resources
See the drive from John O’Groats to Wick, another section of the North Coast 500.