Drive from Lybster Harbour, Scotland in Autumn

Here is a drive from Lybster Harbour in Caithness, North Scotland taken in the late afternoon in October along Shore Road, Lybster.

Immediately in view you see the boats at the harbour. The boat on the right had two fishermen unloading crabs at the time of the film.

On the left is Waterlines, the heritage museum for Lybster which provides information about the natural habitat of Lybster and its history as a fishing port. 

As you proceed up Shore Road, there is a derelict property on the left and a home on the right. The bridge passes over a small river and gorge.

The road is single track with a passing place for oncoming cars to wait. The road proceeds into Lybster village before joining the A99, part of the North Coast 500, a driving route around the north coast of the Highlands of Scotland.

Further resources
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