Drive from Golspie Station to Dunrobin Castle

Here is a complete car journey from Golspie Station to Dunrobin Castle in Sutherland, North Scotland.

The total drive takes around six minutes. This video is accelerated and plays at four times the normal speed.

Journey highlights (with time stamps)
00:00 Golspie Railway Station 

00:06 The A9 - turn left for Inverness and right for Golspie and Dunrobin Castle

00:28 Left turn for the Coffee Bothy, car park and public toilet.

00:31 Poppy’s Coffee Shop is on the left

01:02 The exit from Dunrobin Castle

01:18 Right turn for Dunrobin Castle. The Dunrobin Castle railway station is immediately opposite on the left.

01:22 Left turn for free car park at Dunrobin Castle. Dunrobin Castle is straight ahead along the drive.

Further resources
The view from the sea at Dunrobin Castle, Golspie.